Attentive - Good Phone Habits

Attentive - Good Phone Habits

By Meaningful Things GmbH & Co. KG

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Successfully reduce mindless screen time today! Attentive is your friendly guide to growing healthy smartphone habits. With science-backed tips and techniques, learn how to spend less time on your phone and avoid digital distractions, so that your phone truly serves you, your productivity, health and happiness! Attentive makes building habits that work easy and fun: begin with small daily steps that soon add up to big improvements. Become happy with the way you use your phone: keep what makes using your phone meaningful and sidestep the digital distraction rabbit holes. For more control of your time. For improved focus and flow. For less stress, better mental health, and greater wellbeing. Because in the end, your life’s experiences are made of what you place your attention on. ____________________________________ IN A WORLD FULL OF DISTRACTIONS We’re all navigating a world full of distractions: with just one tap away, what starts as a quick look at a text message can easily escalate into 30 minutes of random scrolling and news checking. We’re losing way too much of our time online and are struggling to maintain our train of thought. When screen time skyrockets, we may feel addicted to our phones. If this sounds familiar to you, don’t feel bad - you’re not alone! You’re just a modern day tech user like all of us. RECLAIM YOUR TIME AND ATTENTION With Attentive, you can introduce good phone habits into your life: you’ll learn to use your phone more consciously and effectively so you can start to enjoy the present moment; make the transition from meaningless to meaningful! WORK WITH FOCUS Attentive will support you in finding focus and reducing distractions at work to re-experience true flow and productivity. EFFECTIVE, SCIENCE-BASED PRACTICES Explore and form healthy phone habits step-by-step with our easy and effective Practices. Each Practice offers useful background information with insights from the latest research in psychology, as well as a short task for everyday life. Complete all Practices at your own pace. We designed Attentive to be quick and doable for everyone, at any time, even if you're on a busy schedule. Set reminders to complete Practices at a time that fits in nicely in your day and develop them into healthy habits. It’s manageable and sustainable, and you’ll experience real progress and improvements soon. ATTENTIVE IS YOUR BEHAVIORAL CHANGE PROGRAM Not another meditation or mindfulness app. No need to do a digital detox, only to then relapse to old habits. No falling short of high aspirations and self control. Not a way to prevent you from using your phone or temporarily block the temptations of social media. Instead, Attentive tackles the problem at its root: you’ll gain awareness of internal and external distraction triggers that draw you to use your phone. You’ll discover patterns and pitfalls. You’ll become reflective about your current phone usage. And most importantly, you’ll establish maintainable routines that actually work for you; healthy habits that last. WE’RE HERE FOR YOU Growing healthy smartphone habits is a process and we’re happy to help you with your journey! If you have any questions, just get in touch via SUBSCRIPTION Attentive comes with a subscription, but the first two Practices are free. Unlock everything for $59,98 (USD) a year. Licensed Application End User License Agreement: Terms & Conditions: Privacy Policy: ATTENTIVE - Develop the best smartphone routines and unplug, enjoy the present moment, improve your focus, and find the perfect screen time balance for your digital wellbeing!